Sharka Bosakova

Native to Czech Republic, Sharka Bosakova completed a Bachelor degree in fashion design at the University of Liberec and a Masters degree in theatre set and costume design at the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. She moved to Australia in 2002, studied at the Queesland University of Technology in Brisbane and graduated with a Masters degree in theatre/creative industries.

Sharka has been active in the design industry for over 10 years and has worked on ballet, contemporary dance, new music, opera, theatre and film productions. Her visual arts interest are in photography, painting and drawing.

In 2011, she established a self titled label, Sharka Bosakova, focusing on creating garments and small objects of adornment, made in collaboration with artists working in diverse media.


08 Sep 2014, 11:05pm

- sunny day

- company of many

- stories in colours.

Special thank you: Robin, Glen, Jess, Ali, George!

09 Jul 2014, 05:10pm

Finding Your way Home is all inclusive and will be presented to the people of Woodridge.

People young and old will take part in a procession.

The site? No better place that the Woodridge Markets on a Sunday morning.

Date: in October

20 May 2014, 01:11pm

A series of ten weekly workshops have been organised with members of the Kingston East Neighbourhood Group, starting on the 26th of May. The workshops will form the basis for a public/street event planned for late-2014.