Kevin Leong

Kevin Leong is an Australian artist whose practice alternates between creating conceptual, socially-engaged, situational works and ones that are aesthetic, distant, delicate, sensory, and spatial. An engineer and computer scientist by training, he works across a variety of media including sound, video, installation, photography, sculpture and graphic design.

His current work typically poses questions about problematic social habits: the tendency to view the public through sensationalised, reductive mechanisms, to taint beautiful, innocent activities with prurient suspicion, or for universities to indiscriminately apply business models to education. For these, he proposes and executes imaginary solutions that are ridiculous but oddly plausible – the works function both as forms of pure, independent research and critiques of the environments in which they were created.


31 Mar 2015, 06:55pm

The Homesickness Project was conceived with a simple proposition: homesickness, taken broadly as a longing for one’s ‘true home,’ can initiate conversations that do not only prompt nostalgia and sentimental reflections but can also hold important clues to essential qualities in a home – qualities necessary for individuals to feel at home within their surrounding environment, whether this be domestic, vocational, social, cultural, political, geographical or spiritual.

27 Apr 2014, 12:26pm

On Friday, the 25th of April, the Logan City artists informally met at what will soon become Homesickness HQ at Woodridge to usher in the Logan Mentorship Programme and to mark the opening of the Homesickness School. On a mild autumn evening of warm, enthusiatic conversation, the opportunity was taken to brief the group on developments since the pre-funding meetings in mid-2013, and for everyone to share their visions for the programme.

10 Apr 2014, 05:19pm

The development of this site has started and it will be operational by the end of April. The site will evolve as the Logan programme develops and ultimately, it will contain information and running commentaries on current projects, commissioned articles, discussion fora and announcement of public events.

Please visit regularly for regular updates on the development of the Logan projects as the programme rolls towards the public art works in the latter half of 2014 and the expansive concluding events in March/April 2015.