Elizabeth Woods

Elizabeth Woods has been running temporary public participatory art projects across Australia and in Western Europe since 2003. These projects sit firmly between community art and contemporary art practices: they use imaginative, provocative and often humorous ideas to structure creative responses from members of the public, and ultimately, to produce outcomes that function as independent contemporary visual art works while serving as conduits for building skills and relationships within communities. In what has recently become a fashionable way of working, Woods' projects remain unusual in their generous, sympathetic and sensitive nature of public engagement and in their belief that goodwill and creative participation hold important keys to public access and ownership.

Woods holds a doctorate for her research into the development of meaningful relationships between art and community, has extensive teaching experience at pre‚Äźschool, primary, secondary and tertiary levels, which includes engagements with disabled and indigenous groups.


30 Apr 2014, 12:29pm

The Logan North Library at Sports Drive, Underwood has been identified as the ideal site for the weekly classes for the Homesickness School. The library is open until 8:00pm on some week nights and its public facilities include the excellent Meeting Room 1.

We are looking forward to some great discussions and exchanges in this space over the upcoming months.

30 Apr 2014, 12:19pm

We have had a very enthusiatic meeting with the staff at Kingston East Neighbourhood Centre to plan the upcoming workshops and to begin recruiting members who are interested in collaborating with the centre and Sharka.