George Budd's blog

What's Going On?

Cutting up paper plates, sticking drinking straws and cups to cardboard for hats?

Can we really have a voice in fashion, or is it all too hard?

Words are not in short supply in this project but something is. Do we need more people, resources or talent? None of these things are truly as limiting as some may think. Many have done powerful work with far less of these. Confidence is the main issue confronting us right now as a group, as a community. Are we sure of what we want to say? Will our work be liked, understood, worthwhile?

Meetings on the Way

Tuesday 10 June. Anne Grant, Therese Flynn-Clarke and I met for a chat over a cuppa. Two focus points, establishing a united approch to investigating the Eagleby White House as a Home for HULA, and colaberation of Anne and Myself in our upcoming joint workshops in mask making with LACOTA.

Thursday 12 June. Elizabeth Woods and I met Sue Connelly and had an encouraging introduction to Plans for LACOTA to be involved in mask making workshops ( Facing Home ) as a valuable element of the "Homesickness Project".

The Shape of Things to Come

Yesterday ( 27 May '14 ) I met with Liz Woods and Kevin Leong to share some thoughts I hoped may help the Homesickness project.  They agreed  that mask making could be a useful vehicle to produce a group work. I am  to run  a series of workshops to culminate in making a video of performance ( with masks ) as well as recording some of the making process. After checking out Daisy Hill Park as a site to feature in the work ( see photo ), I went home to lodge my first invoice and ponder preparations for this adventure.